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At Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Academy we aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to every child, whatever their ability or level of need. We have high expectations of everyone and strive to remove barriers to learning so every child can reach their full potential.

For some children this may be achieved through involvement with our Special Educational Needs (SEND) and Pastoral Care team otherwise known as the FIT team (Family & Inclusion Team).  


We believe that the early identification of additional needs is key to ensuring targeted and appropriate support, this is put in place when and where necessary. At OLSTJ we track the progress through close monitoring. When a teacher begins to notice a child is having difficulty or not making the expected progress a child is monitored. Strategies used in class to support a child are outlined and concerns are reported to parents and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo). 

If the class teacher or parents are still concerned after half a term of monitoring, further interventions and strategies will be employed to try to meet more specific needs and to close any gaps in learning. Parents will be advised that their child requires interventions which are different from and additional to most children in the class, and that with parental permission they should go on to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) register and receive appropriate support. The class teacher will complete a SEND identification form with the SENDCO to identify need and discuss appropriate strategies. The impact of these interventions is closely monitored to assess progress in the child’s area of need.    

For those children with an Education Health Care Plan the SENDCo will work closely with the class teacher, family, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Support Team and outside agencies to ensure more specialist provision is being provided. All EHCP’s are reviewed annually. 

The SENDCo is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all interventions and measuring the impact they have on a child’s progress. Additional support will primarily be delivered through quality first teaching in the classroom. If further support is required small group work and 1:1 assistance will be offered both within and outside the classroom. Nurture support is available through our Pastoral Team (Serenity) upon referral from class teachers. The SENDCo is also responsible for providing advice to staff on areas of need, resources, materials and effective strategies to use. 

If required, additional advice is sought from professional agencies including speech and language, educational psychologists and specialist teachers. We aim to work closely with parents and ensure they are fully involved in the whole process including identification of need and planning targets for their child. 


Here at Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Academy we are committed to ensuring all children receive the support they need to thrive and this includes supporting their social and emotional development. We have developed and continue to develop nurture groups, additional 1:1 support, and parental support we also have close links with external agencies in order to seek additional services should it be needed. As all children and families are unique we try to tailor the support we offer in order to meet the individual needs. We understand that a positive sense of self and the ability to form good relationships are the key to future happiness and success. With this in mind we take our responsibility to foster a warm and friendly environment where children feel valued and respected very seriously. Parents are encouraged to speak to their child’s class teacher or the pastoral lead should they have any worries or concerns regarding their child’s social and emotional development. 

 Our aim is to support children to receive the most out of education and fulfil their potential, we know that not all children’s circumstances are the same and therefore engaging in learning may result in some children facing barriers and different challenges. We will do all we can as a school to support children to overcome their distinct challenges in order to enable them to access learning effectively and therefore fully enjoy their time in our care.