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As a school we have checked the websites on this page and we recommend them.
Mathematics Links:
The following Mathematics websites are free to access and offer lots of online games and resources to support your learning at home.
The National Literacy Trust have a great website with milestones, fun stuff, books and great activity sheets for different age groups. A super website to explore. Here is the link to use: http://www.wordsforlife.org.uk
Story museum is another great website to improve you reading. There are story activities for age groups which then have further links to other websites for stories. Here is the link to use: http://www.storymuseum.org.uk/schools/parents/stories-home/
History Links
If you would like to help your child find out more about British history then these are good websites to use:
Finally, for those of you who like Horrible History books we're sure you will enjoy this weblink: http://horrible-histories.co.uk
ICT Links
If you would like to develop your touch typing skills then please use this website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing
General Links
Are there other safe child friendly sites that your child really likes to visit?
Let us know and we may be able to include them here for others to enjoy too.
Useful Websites for Year 6 to prepare for End of KS2 Assessments
Here’s a website familiar to all our children! Bug club is great for
reading comprehension practice:
An excellent, fun website covering reading skills and several
different genres of writing:
This is a great resource for writing, reading and grammar. It directs
you to several websites specific to your needs:
This website requires a fee but you can get a 1 month free trial. It
is highly recommended for practicing SPaG.
Spelling is an important part of the SATs and this resource lists key
words and rules children should be familiar with:
Some helpful reading comprehension practise can be completed
through this website:
A little bit of everything in these last two websites from spelling
games to writing tips:
Here’s a website familiar to all our children! As well as for accessing
their homework, it is great for online lessons tailored to children’s
levels. Just enter the home page and click on the level you are
working at and then the area you wish to work on:
An excellent fun website covering all the different areas of maths
the children require:
This is a great resource for all areas of maths; it directs you to
several websites specific to your needs:
Fantastic game to sharpen those mental maths skills:
This website covers all the skills the children need in Year 6.
Through timed questions, it challenges the children and addresses
misconceptions with clear explanations:
This game will test your mental maths skills through ten challenging
Website specific to telling the time and time based questions:
Gut Instinct is a game that allows you to test your maths skills
against others and will improve your mental maths speed and skills:
A little bit of everything in these last websites:

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